Cancellation before delivery

If your order hasn't been delivered and you'd like to cancel (supply only goods), we must be informed as soon as possible before the delivery date. Ideally, this should be by telephone (in order to stop the delivery happening) and by email (or other durable means) to officially cancel. However, please be aware that if your order includes personalised requirements, we will be unable to cancel your order.

Cancellation after delivery

It is best that you call us in the first instance should you wish to discuss a cancellation and collection. Many of our suppliers do charge for collections. Please see the list below:

All gardening gifts and warehouse items. £9.99

All fencing, decking and wooden sheds with an order value under £100 incur a £15.00 return charge . If the order is over £100 then the charge will be £30.00. Orders over £1,000 will incur a £100 return charge.

We will be able to discuss and investigate any other possible charges. We would also require your cancellation request in writing by email: [email protected]

Great Little Garden neither initiates nor profits from any such charges and they are levied at the direct cost for the collection of the goods. If there is a charge for collection, we will notify you as soon as we know. Any charges are retained from the refund returned to the customer.