Great Little Garden plant supplier stories

We put all our efforts into finding the best plants for your garden. 'Best' has to be top quality, of course, but we also want to offer you a choice of tried and tested varieties along with the up and coming stars of the future. All the nurseries we deal with share our views. We are delighted to be working with UK nurseries who care about their plants. It's not just a growing and selling exercise. Plants are in all of our DNA's and because of this you know you 'll be getting superb plants, every time. Here are some of the nurseries stories...

Great Little Garden Supplier StoryShrubs

We wanted to find a tried and tested grower of all our hardy nursery stock ( that's mainly shrubs) and also wanted someone growing them in the UK. We feel that if they are grown here they will continue to flourish here. We travelled to Norfolk and liked what we saw. The nursery has been growing plants for over half a century and now produce millions of plants on former air fields. We visit all the nurseries on a  regular basis and can definitely say that the wind howls across this site  making the shrubs tough. But it isn’t just the weather that makes the shrubs great. Regular pruning and maintenance before anything is dispatched creates a better plant. And at dispatch the team care about your plant. We all make sure that only the best leaves the nursery. It is after all what you should expect.

Camellias, rhododendrons and azaleas

It is our privilege to have a family owned and run grower supplying all of our camellias, rhododendrons and azaleas. Based in North Nottinghamshire, the nursery has been growing plants for over twenty years. Not only are they experts, enthusiasts and experienced, they genuinely love their plants. Each plant is hand pruned to ensure plenty of branches and buds. Each plant is hand picked for your order and then carefully packaged in our fantastic boxes. We don't believe in using plastics wherever there is a quality alternative, so make sure your compost bins are ready for the starch bag your plant is wrapped in and the cardboard outer packaging (don’t throw the plastic pot away - use it elsewhere in the garden) We know that UK grown plants are the best and we will always work with ‘real’ nurseries owned and run by experts. This way we know you are getting the best plants everytime.


We found our climbing plant nursery close to home in Evesham. They started growing clematis back in 1987 ( the same year of the Great Storm; when Everton won the First Division football title and 'I should be so lucky' by Kylie Minogue was released  upon an unsuspecting nation ) and have developed into an internationally renowned grower of all climbers. We like the Evesham location and the nursery's know how in growing top quality climbers at a great price. Their attention to detail and knowledge is second to none ensuring your climbers arrive with you exactly as we all want them to - ready to plant and eager to perform ( just like Kylie)

Vegetable seedlings

If you start with well grown, quality vegetable seedlings you will produce great crops. Start with inferior seedlings and the chances are they will never catch up and improve enough to fill your kitchen with crops. The nursery in the vale of Evesham,Worcestershire knows this and only grows the best varieties to exacting standards and then dispatch them with the care and attention we all expect from a  premier grower of vegetable seedlings. We love growing our own crops and to be able to offer seedlings from a nursery that is now three generations into the horticultural business gives us enormous pride.

Water plants

Choosing a grower and supplier of our water plants, and all things aquatic, was actually easy. The nursery in North London have been in business since before England won the football World Cup and obviously know a thing or two or even three about aquatics. We know that they know everything there is to know! The range offered is unbeatable and the depth of knowledge immense. Importantly, between the nursery and ourselves we know that you will receive what could be thought of as a tricky plant to send out in the post, in perfect condition.


We are delighted to have hooked up with a top rose grower near Shrewsbury in Shropshire. Why? Well, they have the credentials we look for in our plant nurseries. They grow all their roses in the UK, they are a family business making them easy to talk to (i.e. no bureaucratic levels of management to fathom out), to discuss ranges with and offer flexibility, and they also know their roses ( quite important!) They have been growing roses for over 25 years and take the utmost care in packaging and dispatching every rose they send out. Quality is uppermost in their minds and we love that. After all, a rose will last for years if it starts off life healthy and in good shape. That’s guaranteed with our roses.

Fruit bushes

We knew we had to travel North to Scotland to source the best fruit bushes in the world. Our journey ended in Perthshire where, currently in 32 acres of land, the nursery grows a wonderful range of soft fruit. Now with five members of the family within the business, they have had over 60 years experience of growing soft fruit – so they should, and do, know how to grow the best fruit. And like every other nursery we deal with, they care about your plants. You know that you'll receive the best plants in perfect condition. That's our guarantee to you.