The Pressure Treatment process for timber has been applied to products for a number of years; the key benefit of this process is that the preservative is forced under vacuum pressure right deep into the heart of the wood and the grain structure. The preservative becomes an integral part of the wood; giving the product a longer life and protection against rot.

This process also means that you never have to apply preservatives to your fence or garden structure, and it allows the natural colours of the timber to show through and so your fence blends easily within your garden. Surprisingly, Pressure Treated fences and garden structures are only slightly more expensive than Dip Treated options.


The Dip Treated process gives the familiar common "cedar red" finish to garden products, it is the traditional cost effective treatment that gives a reasonable life to timber.

The process is quicker than other more invasive treatments like Pressure Treatment but is not so long lasting and requires regular applications of brush preservatives to maintain protection.

All or our products that are Dip Treated offer an effective insecticide and fungiside which carries a 10 year guarantee against rot and fungal decay.

We recommend that you treat your fence or garden structure with a wood preservative that will protect against the elements as soon as possible after assembly, and thereafter every couple of years. Your fence will look good for longer, and the timber will be protected too. You can even apply colour if you want to make your fence more distinctive.