extreme weather advice

Our garden expert Phil McCann has listed all his top tips and tricks to help you keep your garden safe from floods, frost and ice, high winds, and heat and drought. If you’re in an area that experiences regular severe weather, take a look at each of our infographics below to find out how to protect your garden from extreme weather conditions, and what to do if your garden suffers.

How to protect my garden from flood      

How to protect your garden from damaging floods, from looking after your pots and plants to unblocking drains
and mission clean up. Gardens do have the capacity to bounce back after a drenching, but a few minor changes to how
you garden and what you garden with will have a massive effect on coping with this extreme weather.

View the Flood infographic here

How to protect my garden from frost and ice

How to take care of your greenhouse, plants and pots from the extreme cold and ice which each garden is bound to endure
every year. Cold damages but when it comes with wet conditions plants can be decimated. Hardy plants will quite
happily sit through the winter but steps can be taken to  protect those with a slightly less robust character.

View the Frost & Ice infographic here

How to protect my garden from wind

We get a few storms every year in the UK and they always make the news - We've all seen the reports of power lines
and trees being brought down but often it's the day-to-day effects of wind that affect gardeners the most.
Keep an eye on your fencing, sheds and structures and trees and plants and keep them safe during
strong wind with our top tips.  

View the Wind infographic here

How to protect my garden from heat and drought

In the rare summers when the soil cracks, many plants become stressed. Established shrubs and trees can
survive as root systems are extensive and can sustain the top growth but other plants often cannot cope.
Follow our guide to ensure your plants survive the hot summer months and find out how you can
use your grey water to keep your plants watered.

 View the Heat & Drought infographic here